La Retrospective

la rétrospective/le demi siècle
Sat 26th June 2010 | 12 pm to 10:30pm

The culture of the Democratic Republic of the Congo reflects much of the diversity of its hundreds of ethnic groups and their differing ways of life throughout the country—from the mouth of the River Congo on the coast, upriver through the rainforest and savanna in its centre, to the more densely populated mountains in the far east. Since the late 19th century, traditional ways of life have undergone changes brought about by colonialism, the struggle for independence, the stagnation of the Mobutu era, and most recently, the First and Second Congo Wars. Despite these pressures, the customs and cultures of the Congo have retained much of their individuality.

The Congolese are known for their art, “art is life”, a well known slogan to the locals, so prevalent that even the economic hardship of the last few decades had fail to dent the artistic spirit that prevails in every “localité”. Thousands of students still enroll to the celebrated Academie de Beaux Arts, which is the only arts academy of a university level in Central Africa. Traditional art includes masks and wooden statues, malachite, ceramic, paintings and copper. Notable contemporary artists are Chéri Samba or Bodys Isek Kingelez. The best known artists successful inside and outside the country are Lema Kusa (painting), Alfred Liyolo (sculpture), Roger Botembe (painting), Nshole (painting), Henri Kalama Akulez (painting), Mavinga (painting), Freddy Tsimba (sculpture), Claudy Khan (painting).

We have the pleasure of having Mr Serge Diantantu (based in France) and Steve Bandoma (based in South Africa) to be amongst the many artists exhibiting with us in London.

Sat 26th June 2010

The Bernie Grants Art Centre

Doors Open 12 pm to 10:30pm


la rétrospective/le demi siècle

Special exhibitor
Serge Diantantu