Féminisme, at Cité Internationale des Arts of Paris 2009

If being billed on numerous local and international exhibitions does not put proof in the pudding, then taking a peek at Kinshasa-born, Steve Bandoma’s work, should do the trick as it tethers within sculptural conceptual innovations that according to him “strive to connect societies while fulfilling the needs and interests of contemporary art and cultures.” In late 2005 Bandoma moved to Cape Town where artistic doors were literally flung open to him by curator – Khwezi Gule – at Cape 07 (x-Cape).

Turning back was no longer an option as he grew to a stage worthy of an honourable mention in the Art Buzz Book 2009 Collection (USA). Apart from holding down a residency for the first three months of 2009 in Zurich hosted by Prohelvetia, he was recently laureate for "Visa pour la Création" Afrique and Caraïbes en Créations hosted by Culturesfrance at Cité Internationale des Arts in partnership with Mains D'œuvres in Paris. Bandoma is now based in Cape Town and can be contacted via email: stevebandoma@gmail.com

by Unathi Kondile