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Tea with a Potter TAG takes 2 with Pakistan ceramicist Sadia Salim
Sadia Salim is Greatmore Studios’ first artist taking residency in our satellite ceramic studio at the Observatory Community Centre. A self acclaimed ‘potter’ TAG takes time to look at life through her cultural and artistic lens.

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STEVE BANDOMA (South Africa)
Sisanda: Steve you are an artist from Kinshasa, Congo, tell us what led you to the arts ?
Steve Bandoma: I started drawing from a young age and continued until I got my bachelors degree in fine arts in 2004 at the Académie des Beaux-Arts (Academy of Fine Arts).I arrived in South Africa in 2005 during which time I acquainted myself with the unique culture of Cape Town. I got involved in a lot of initiatives with a focus on new media- I participated in the Multimediations project hosted by Cape Africa Platform.
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Sisanda: Let’s go back to the art Dineo. Talk us through your choice of medium and your artistic concerns.
D.B.: I work with video, found objects and paint, incorporating various words- I really like to change from one medium to the next depending on what I want my work to say. Sticking to one technique can really inhibit you from growing and exploring. I like the quality of the media I use. My work explores themes around power, sex, loneliness, anger, tension, discomfort- things that have in essence happened to me. I take things from my personal life experiences as well as from my friends. For me my artwork is about making sense of the world. My current work attempts to engage and have relevance to the city.
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Sisanda: Merid, what is the art scene like in Addis?
Merid Tafesse: I studied fine art at the university in Addis. It was very hard to get a place because out of 500 applicants there were only 20 available openings! There is a strong interest in the arts among young people in the city.
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Text by Sisanda